Sunday, October 16, 2016

Is God Still Good?

Two weeks ago, my 61-year-old mom went zip lining through the mountains on a vacation with friends.  6 days ago, this same woman had a stroke.

Mom, my biggest supporter (along with my husband), not only in my mental health journey, but also in my life.

Nana, who enlisted my boys (ages 3 and 5) to help her clear out the raised vegetable garden just the day before.

My mom.

Our family is praising God for what can only be described as the best possible outcome of having a stroke - a very probable full recovery within a few weeks.  God is so good!

But you know what?  God would still be good even if her stroke outcome was not as positive.  Even if she lost use of one side of her body, He would still be good.  Even if she never regained her speech, He would still be good.  Even if she would have died, He would still be good.

Because God is good all the time, not only when the sky is blue and the sun is shining.  He is also good in the storm.

Not only when I feel "normal," but also when my brain spirals into anxiety that feels unshakable.

Not only when the kids are healthy, but also when they throw up in the middle of the night.

Not only when I get a full night of straight sleep, but also when the kids are up (and so am I) multiple times through the night.

Not only when our neighborhood feels safe, but also when a violent crime happens just three houses down the street.

Not only when the bills are paid, but also when finances are scary.

Not only when the kids obey the first time, but also when they meltdown in front of strangers or (worse) in front of people we know.

Not only when everything goes to plan, but also when nothing goes to plan.

Not only when a friendship runs smoothly, but also when it gets awkward.

Not only when my husband is home on time, but also when he works overtime.

Not only when the kids are eager to learn, but also when they would rather do anything but school.

Not only when I rest in His grace, but also when I am fully entangled in the vines of legalism and the strive for perfection.

Not only when I complete a task successfully, but also when my efforts fall short.

Not only when I feel joy, but also when depression settles like a suffocating blanket.

Not only when my brain is free, but also when it latches on to obsessions and refuses to let go.

Not only when I have abundant childcare available, but also when childcare is scarce.

He is overwhelmingly and unchangingly good: Not only when my mom zip lines in the mountains on vacation, but also when she has a hemhorragic stroke two weeks later.  He is good.

I would love to hear about your experiences with God's goodness.  If you'd like, leave comments structured like mine that are based on your life: "God is good not only when _______________, but also when _________________________."  

Because God certainly is good!