Friday, April 29, 2016

An Imperfect Analogy

Front yard - lots of dandelions

The is a picture of our front yard.  Dandelions.  Everywhere.  They keep popping up because we let them go and allowed them to spread instead of taking care of that first one that popped up not long ago.  Had we done that, our yard would look more like our neighbor's (see the picture below of the calm and green and dandelion-free yard).

Dandelion- free yard - neighbor's house

They took greater care to stop the dandelions from spreading before they got out of control.  And it's a lot easier to manage something before it gets out of control.

Like OCD.

Those obsessive (dandelion) thoughts can come from anywhere.  If I try to figure them out instead of refocusing on something else, they tend to multiply and spread.  I have a choice to make when those thoughts appear.  Do I pretend like those pesky little thoughts aren't there because they haven't taken over my life, or do I pay a little attention to them (by refocusing and not giving them attention) because they have the potential to cause a lot more damage if they take root and spread?

What things do you do to make right thinking choices?